Types Of Doctors You Could Be

If we all go to a classroom with children and ask them what they want to be when they grow up, I’m sure that at least 50 percent to the students will say they want to be a doctor. They won’t say what type of Doctor they want to be but if they do or ask you would you still be able to understand or explain to them the type of Doctors that anyone can become in this world? Well, there many and I have listed out some of the most common paths Doctors choose. Here they are.

Heart Doctor – The Doctor that helps treat your heart and blood vessels is called Cardiologist. They assess the family history and find diseases related to the heart.

Audio – This Doctor specializes in treatments for ear related issues. They usually work on hearing and with the deaf and mute. Their patients are mostly children but there are adults as well. You can find them at hospitals and at school hospitals.

Dentist- This name rings a bell to everyone. Almost everyone knows who a Dentist is. A dentist is someone who works on your teeth and the most feared Doctor in the list. He handles tooth decays, gum problems and all other tooth/mouth related problems.

Gynecologist – A Gynecologist is someone who is works with the female reproductive system. He/she checks to prevent issues that could be harmful for the individual when it comes to giving birth. Ladies are advised to visit this doctor at least once a year.

There is also a type of Doctor called obstetrician who focuses on the treatment of childbirth. They perform minor operations related to childbirth and monitor and treat women during pregnancy and also during childbirth.

You can find these doctors in both public and private hospitals. You can even hire a private obstetrician if you want to.

Pediatrician – This Doctor loves children. This Doctor treats toddlers from birth to adolescences and treats them for any illness. You can find them at any hospital. They work very closely with child friendly environments surrounded with sweets and toys.

Veterinary – This Doctor treats animals. They are specialized in treating all types of pets. They are all animal lovers and this is the place you take your pets when you are sick. There many veterinary clinics around the city that you can find these doctors in.

This list can go on and on because there more than 30 different types doctors that an individual can become. I listed out the main doctors everyone must know. If you are someone who is aspiring to become a Doctor choose your path in the Doctor career wisely. Good Luck!