Duties Of A Midwife

Midwives are women who are trained to assist women during the labor period and when delivery is imminent. In olden times, midwives have helped women deliver babies. As the medical field of obstetrics was born, midwifery took a back seat, but it is coming back into popularity once again.

The role of a modern midwife

Today a midwife would be someone who is a trained nurse who is experienced to handle childbirth. Usually they undergo training and internship comprising of practical sessions, similar to obstetricians. Such women work closely with obstetricians who usually oversee a pregnancy. They monitor for any sign of complication that might arise or when Cesarean section is required. To learn more about obstetrics please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obstetrics

What a midwife does for an expecting mother?

A midwife usually starts to care for a pregnant lady as soon as the lady’s pregnancy is ascertained. A midwife can hand hold a pregnant lady through prenatal care. Such a pregnancy specialist in Melbourne will examine the mother’s condition as well as that of the baby. They will listen to the heartbeat of the baby and provide emotional support or advice as required by the mother. Some midwives could be authorized to prescribe medicines or supplements as well. They usually work with pregnant women till the time delivery is due as well as care for the mother during the postpartum period.

Midwives at clinics

There are certain advantages that midwives bring to the lives of pregnant women that a doctor cannot. Most pregnant women feel that they can confide in women much better about their condition, any symptoms they experience and get advice from them. Midwives who have handled several pregnancies and deliveries can provide support to mothers who are expecting, especially for the first time. Getting advice from experienced midwives helps women to feel assured and know what to expect. This is crucial for the delivery stage as well as post partum stage.

If you are looking to gain such kind of expertise and hand holding through your pregnancy term, there are specialists who can help you. Nowadays fertility clinics, hospital wings that have a delivery and pregnancy specialization and specialty clinics that have gynecologist, obstetricians at attendance are the ideal places to go. Here one will find experts who can diagnose the state of health of a mother and her child, understand what a lady experiences and provide assurances for the same. They also have the right infrastructure to run diagnostic and monitoring tests, identify abnormalities if they exist and treat the same as well. These are some advantages that specialty clinics provide above others.