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How To Combat Depression.

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We have all heard the phrase,” I’m feeling a bit depressed”. Most of us use the term very loosely. Depression is more than just sadness, it is a feeling of deep sadness, loss of interest in everyday routines the individual once adored and a lack of curiosity for the outside world. The causes of depression are many, some of them… Read more »

Surgeries Can Be Risky

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There are certain people who exercise on a regular basis, and will feel odd if they don’t do it for one day; these people are very fit and strong as they take care of themselves with the proper diet and vitamins, too. They don’t fall sick as their immune systems can fight any sort of disease, because of the intake… Read more »

Duties Of A Midwife

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Midwives are women who are trained to assist women during the labor period and when delivery is imminent. In olden times, midwives have helped women deliver babies. As the medical field of obstetrics was born, midwifery took a back seat, but it is coming back into popularity once again.The role of a modern midwifeToday a midwife would be someone who… Read more »