Techniques Used For Tattoo Removal

Every person thinks about getting a tattoo permanently inked on his body once in lifetime but only few have the courage to actually make it done. Each tattoo that a person gets inked on his body holds a special meaning for that person and signifies some memory, moment or a special person. As we know that permanent tattoo gets permanently printed on your body part and cannot be easily removed so there are special techniques that have been introduced to remove the unwanted tattoos. In this article, we will be discussing about tattoo and the techniques that are used in removing the tattoo.


Tattoo is the kind of imprinting or design that is made on the upper most layer of the skin by using ink or dye. The art of getting tattooed is known as tattooing. Tattoos can be of two types; it can be permanently inked or temporarily imprinted. The temporary tattoos can be easily removed after sometime but removing a permanent tattoo requires special techniques. Mostly, people get tattoos of three categories; one of which is any kind of a design and is purely decorative. Secondly, there are pictorial tattoos, these tattoos depicts the specific person or an item. Thirdly, there are symbolic tattoos, these tattoos holds some special meaning or importance to the wearer. However, whatever the category might be, people often want to remove their tattoos after sometime due to various reasons. Link here offer a good skin service that will suit your needs.

Tattoo removal:

Sometimes people want to remove their permanently induced tattoos because of various reasons. These reasons can vary from getting tired of the existing design to moving on from the special memory that has been imprinted on wearer’s body. So, to get these tattoos removed special techniques have been introduced by the dermatologists or laser skin clinics. Tattoo removal is the procedure to remove the unwanted tattoos for which three basic techniques are used.

Techniques used for laser removal:

Basically, there are three most common techniques that are used for removing tattoos. There is a laser surgery removing technique in which a person is numbed with anesthesia and then a powerful energy is applied on the tattoo whose ink gets shattered due to the heat pressure. Secondly, there is a surgical removal technique in which skin is numbed with anesthesia, then tattoo is removed with the scalpels and finally skin is stitched back together. Dermabrasion is the final tattoo removal technique, in which skin is numbed by extreme chilling then with the help of high speed rotator device the tattooed skin is sanded down to the deeper levels.


Tattoo is the way of getting inked on the body either permanently or temporarily. Temporary tattoos can be removed easily but removing a permanent tattoo requires the special techniques. Tattoo removal is the procedure in which tattoo is removed by using surgical methods and equipments. Three most commonly tattoo removal techniques are laser removing technique, surgical removal technique and Dermabrasion technique. “Neutral Bay laser and dermatology clinic” offers the best services of tattoo removal techniques.