Defend Your Company’s Productivity – Get Your Company Flu Vaccinations


Winter has set in and so has the cold season with the flu. As an employer, you will have to understand the ravages which can have on your business due to it. Your entire workforce will be affected with the flu despite the fact that those few who do not get sick will be forced to do more work, thereby placing more strain on them.

So it is a wise idea, get your whole company flu vaccinations.

In the consent form, your employees will be provided with information regarding the flu and the quadrivalent influenza vaccine. In this from there will be a short explanation of how influenza or the flu is spread, symptoms as well as for how long these symptoms may last. All of the information that is available in the form helps the participants to understand the reasons for participating in annual flu vaccinations.

You should consider it as like an insurance policy that you take out on your workers’ health, it will also be one which will surely pay out. Getting your work force vaccinated with the quadrivalent flu vaccine is an incredibly forward thinking to do which would result in also for your well. In the long run, it will pay rich dividends.

Getting your employees vaccinated with the flu vaccine is good for the bottom line but it is also great for staff morale and their loyalty to you. No matter what it is, people love being given something for free. When you provide your staff with a vaccination against a nasty disease, you will be perceived as a caring employer and one who is concerned about their well being. It really is a win-win situation for both.

In Australia, you will come across companies that offer mass flu vaccinations as they have a team of qualified staff who will come to your office or factory, minimizing the impact on your productivity. The whole process is very simple and based on the strength of your staff; it will only take a few hours to give them to have all protection from the flu.

You will only have to ensure that you locate a company that can provide you with comprehensive service, expect them to offer your staff with information about the risks and benefits, set a date/ time with you for their vaccinator to come to your workplace, provide an employee hotline for your staff to ring one of their in-house doctors for free medical advice, provide consent forms and posters, provide a lollipop to each participant and take-home info and also in having a specialized online flu that should be user friendly booking system free of charge.

Defend your work force by thinking ahead from the flu and maintain productivity while your competition is slowed down as the flu bug sweeps through your work force.