A Quick Summary on Naturopathic Medicine


As medicine has advanced, conventional doctors have gradually but reluctantly recognized the role that natural medicine can play in the healing process. It is no longer about taking toxic drugs that do not really cure but only go to mask the symptoms of an illness. Today the use of natural non toxic medicines in treating patients is being recognized and people are being trained to carry out such functions. Just like other medical practitioners naturopathic physicians received adequate training. They do not work in isolation but will willingly refer their patients to other doctors if the need arises.

Naturopathy works on the basic principle that the body has inherent abilities to heal itself. That said most treatments should identifying the cause and then removing any obstacles to the healing process. The idea about this type of treatment is to provide gentle non invasive treatments. The patient is first understood as a person that is unique and any treatments will be tailored to suit the person’s unique capabilities and abilities. The doctor is not only there to treat but to educate the patient on more responsible ways of taking care of their health. It is not all about downing chemically prepared concoctions. Instead patients are thought ways they can improve on their own health by adopting simple strategies like diet changes and healthy eating.

Are there any benefits to this type of treatment?

Yes there are. Many diseases that have been known to have no cure with conventional medicines have been treated using natural treatments. The doctors responds to the specific needs of the patients and use things like natural supplements and dietary changes to help their patients.

Naturopath in Perth has come to understand that the art of healing is more than the need to take medicine. It is more about understanding the patient’s story so they can put what is happening to them in perspective. Sometimes a patient’s illness may be due to blockages that have built up over time right from childhood. So, there is a bit of therapy involved in the whole process. The process of the patient telling their story is a therapy in itself.

What is the evidence supporting this type of treatment

Conventional medicine is based on Evidence based medicine where trials are carried out on at least a patient to prove that a given treatment works. These too have been carried out in naturopathic medicine. While evidence based medicine is good, it has been advised that other medicine based on clinical expertise be included to justify treatment.

While naturopathic treatment will make use of lab results and other scientific based tests, it will also make use of the patient’s story to come up with appropriate treatment.